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One of our strengths is our ability to build the trust necessary to understand the truth of our customers problems.  We have been serving many of our customers for more than 20 years. 

Our Story

The MSAG story begins in 1987 with Steve and Jim Reznikoff, brothers with a deep background in software development and a conviction to provide solutions that make a difference to their customers and the world. As one of its first projects, MSAG found a home at the U.S. Information Agency (later to become part of the Department of State) where MSAG’s work was making a difference worldwide, by creating software solutions supporting international exchange programs.

By 2008, it became apparent that MSAG was growing and needed a seasoned, experienced leader to help implement processes and procedures necessary to support expected growth. Robert Reznikoff, Steve and Jim’s father, was just the man. With dozens of years running large, multimillion-dollar toy retailers, Robert was able to introduce the structure, processes, and procedures needed to support large growth.

By 2021, the company had outgrown its small-business status and Robert was able to move into a well-deserved retirement.  New leadership was brought in to preserve and extend the extraordinary 35-year legacy of excellence and success built by the Reznikoff family.     

Today, with over 150 employees and continuous profitability since inception, MSAG has established a major presence in the Department of State, the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Labor, the Veteran’s Administration, and across the Department of Defense. 

Everyone at MSAG believes that by hiring, nurturing, and supporting like-minded people with the right skills and experience, MSAG’s culture will continue to foster doing good while reflecting the values the Reznikoff family established.

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Our Culture

At MSAG, the owners recognize that MSAG’s reputation and image are based on the interactions and performance of our employees. The MSAG culture is one that embraces our customers and staff. We focus on our customer’s goals and missions. To do that, we must ensure that our employees have the tools, compensation, and benefits necessary to keep them focused on customer satisfaction and accomplishing our customer’s mission(s). Our dedicated management are passionate about customer satisfaction, and committed to impact and growth. We listen to our staff’s ideas. Staff opinions and expertise are integral to our success. As our company continues to grow, the face of MSAG becomes more about our employees and less about its owners. We are proud that the employees of MSAG work hard every day on behalf of our customers. MSAG started out as a family business. As we grow, we would like our employees to feel like an integral part of that growing family.

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