Giving Back

The way we see it, we have a responsibility that goes beyond our primary, economic role
and that is to help our communities—and the people living in them—to grow and thrive.

Caring for Communities

At MSAG, corporate social responsibility is of paramount importance. Since our founding, we have committed ourselves to uplifting those in need and the communities in which they live. We have demonstrated this commitment through in-kind, and financial contributions to several charities and causes including, but not limited to Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington and The MusicianShip. Whether facilitating charity volunteerism efforts or making donations to nonprofits that our employees care about, we do our best to leverage our resources for the greater good of society.


MSAG came together with The Rotary Club of Great Falls to host the Sean Plunket Memorial Bocce Tournament benefit Dixon Center for Military and Veteran Services.

More than 40 Rotarians, friends, and neighbors organized into seven teams for the round-robin tournament, which was held on the Village Green in Great Falls.

“The tournament honored Sean’s love of bocce and the day was an inspiration and success by every measure,” said Steve Flannery, MSAG’s Acting CEO and Rotarian who organized the event.

Dixon Center for Military and Veteran Services mission is to ensure veterans and military families can succeed where they live and that every organization, across all sectors of society, effectively integrate veterans and their families into their organization and existing programs.


We believe that our investment in the education ecosystem will dictate what our world looks like in the next 100 years. MSAG has undertaken the task of investing in education and training research. From our research in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), to our social investment in Arbinger Training, we understand the value in determining how people experience learning. As a civic-minded company, it is our duty to explore and advance the ways in which people learn to create a more informed world.

Arts Education

MSAG was founded by a family who is deeply passionate about the arts and proudly supports The MusicianShip, a non-profit organization that facilitates music lessons, experiences, and opportunities for youth in underserved communities. MSAG has provided financial and in-kind contributions, in excess of a quarter million dollars to The MusicianShip, which will serve 1200 youth this year.